That Mid-week Surf

3 02 2013

Last Tuesday I had business in Pismo Beach. My sales area is quite large in the Greater Los Angeles area and though I have to travel to places like Bakersfield (San Joaquin Valley) and the Antelope Valley (Mojave Desert), I do get to cover the coast from Santa Monica to Cambria (just north of Morro Bay). So of course, when I venture out that way, I throw a board or two in the car and hope to hit the waves while I’m over there.

I was hoping to Dawn Patrol C Street that day. I stopped there at 6:15 am and it was still dark. My appointment was at 10 am in Pismo and Google Maps said from the Ventura Pier to the Pismo Beach Pier was 109 miles (if you take the San Marcos Pass, 121 if you stay on the 101) and a 2 hour drive. The only X Factor being traffic through Santa Barbara at rush hour. Figuring on getting out on the road around 7:45 after surfing C Street, I thought I shouldn’t chance being late for the appointment.

So I stared at the meager surf for a little and hit the road thinking I might get to surf Pismo before the appointment.

I really love driving up the coast. From Ventura to Rincon the 101 is right next to the blue Pacific. Then again from just past Carpenteria to the south end of Santa Barbara. Then another long stretch from Goleta to Gaviota (the stretch the San Marcos pass takes you past) State Beach (see my blog post on “The Ranch”). Then one more time from Pismo Beach to Avila Beach. All differing looks of beauty. All offering different surf spots.

Admitedly, I like to surf new spots, but when it’s new, the criteria are different than surfing my spots. I’ve never surfed Pismo. I surfed Morro Rock well overhead, but with a friend and local, so it’s not new to me. I’d surf it easily overhead again on my own, now. However, it can’t be closed out and overhead. Which is what Pismo was looking like. I had brought both boards, my 9’0″ Walden and my 6’0″ Fineline Quad Fish. Neither was going to help in waves that were closing out. Morro Rock was another 25 to 30 minutes north of Pismo, so I couldn’t chance being late to the appointment.

While sitting on the wooden staircase perched above the beach on a cliff I made a new friend. This cat had come over and started weaving in and out of my feet wanting attention. So while I watched the surf I pet it for about 10 or 15 minutes while it purred away.

With not much time to suit up and walk down there I decided to go work at a Starbucks before the appointment. That was a good decision as I had some work to do on my laptop, etc.

After the appointment I headed back down the coast hoping to at least look at Rincon (for the 9’0″) and Emma Wood (for the 6’0″). They were my last shots with the wind picking up and causing it to be bumpy.

Around 12:45 I pulled into the Rincon lot with only about 7 cars. I walked down the trail to look not expecting much, but as small and bumpy (from the wind) as it was, the waves still had some length and only 3 guys were out. So I suited up and used my “lunch break” to surf uncrowded knee to waist high waves for 45 minutes. Of course, I had fun: I always do! It’s surfing!

I also surfed the Walden without a leash for the first time, wanting to get used to that. It was the perfect opportunity on the new board.

When all was said and done, I headed home, stoked to have gotten to surf. I opened my laptop and caught up on the rest of the day’s work looking forward to the next time I get to head to the coast on business.

I hope you have work days like that. A quick shout out to my son, Josh, who turns 15 today; Happy Birthday, Bud!

Thank you and God bless,

Surfer Yoda




3 responses

3 02 2013
Baby Gorilla

Surf Master Yoda- As you know, there are very few individuals in this world who are able to have a surf session while working. Consider yourself one of the luckiest bums alive! I remember making the same travels along the coast doing a similar job at the other food company. I even recall surfing with Dion V one “working” afternoon at Mondos. It was a beautiful day, warm water, with those perfect rollers (almost Waikiki like). I love Mondos and will always remember it as the place where I first stood up on my extremely heavy first board, a 10’0 Wegener!

6 02 2013

Now look at you! Pro surfer in Rivertucky! If you weren’t married you’d get all the girls. 🙂 Glad you have fond memories of that job. The surfing memories, of course.

7 02 2013
Baby Gorilla

I’m glad I’ve already found a girl before residing in R’tucky. Not too many with teeth out here.

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