The Staples Are Out!

11 08 2013

By now you know that I got hit in the head by the fin of my own surfboard last week. It’s not the first time my surfboard fins have hit me, but it is the first time it was in the head and the first time they’ve drawn blood.

The Doc told me after he put 3 staples in my head that I could get them out in 4 or 5 days. It was difficult to sleep with them in the back left of my head, so I was so glad when Thursday was finally here (a day I got to work from home) and I was able to see the Doc to have them removed. I didn’t even feel them coming out. That was a nice feeling, since I didn’t really know what to expect. My sleep was so much better Thursday night!

I didn’t surf yesterday like I normally would and it really had nothing to do with the staples. I was cleared to go back in the water after the staples were removed. However, my wife and daughter had a spa-type day planned with my mother-in-law so my normally planned surf day with the family was cancelled. That said, my week was still busy.

You see, we got another teenage driver in our family at the beginning of the week: My son took his written test to get his Driver’s Permit on Monday. He’s 15-1/2 as of last Saturday the 3rd. He passed on his first go around only missing 3!

With that behind him, of course he wants to drive everywhere, and I’m fine with that.

On Tuesday night we have our Bible Study at our local skatepark, Ignition Skate Ministry is what we call our group, and because of the staples in my head, I decided I’d take it easy and just video the kids in the group, and others, doing their thing at the skatepark. A by-product of the head injury is that I wore my helmet. The staples sticking up from my skull weren’t even bothered by it.

My son getting his permit affects how we get places since he wants to drive everywhere. So after our D-Group we decided to make a trip to Fillmore Skatepark early Saturday. Fillmore Skatepark is a nice little park without a fence or gate, so you can skate it as early to as late as there’s light in the sky. We weren’t quite planning a dawn patrol like I do with my surf buddies, but earlier than we could do at our own skatepark, which has junior skate time from 8 am to 10 am. We can’t skate junior time.

So after some more driving during the week, we set off Saturday morning for his 45 minute drive there. We brought Zack along with us.

I really had fun skating earlier on a Saturday morning with Josh and Zack. There were other guys at the park before us that were closer to my age than Zack and Josh’s. They were just having a blast skating and talking and really included us in the time. It reminded me of paddling out at a spot I don’t normally surf and just getting good vibes from the other surfers. It was a really good time by all.

I would definitely do that again. Fillmore Skatepark is a fun park, anyway.

With the staples removed I didn’t notice much of a difference when I put the helmet on. I am going to start wearing it more skateboarding, though, just not surfing.

Surfing is on the radar for next week so I hope you get to enjoy yours whatever it is you do.

Take care, thank you and God bless.

Surfer Yoda




One response

11 08 2013
Baby Gorilla


Glad to hear that the staples are gone. What a pain. It seems everyone in the crew has some kind of surfing related injury. Gooch got a gash between the eyes… I smashed my front teeth… Spock messed up ribs… and then your staples came. If it goes around the horn then I guess I’m due for my next accident. I’m planning to surf this Saturday, but there’s a possibility that I’ll surf Trestles. I’ll keep you posted later this week.


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