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22 09 2013

By now you know I have a GoPro and I pretty much make my movies of surfing or skateboarding right away. It’s something I love doing, whether it’s of me, which I guess most of my surfing GoPro footage is, or of others, which is what most of my skateboarding GoPro footage is.

There are a number of outlets to put your footage online, but if you put music to your track you have to be careful of copyrights. None of us has the right to use someone else’s music for profit or gain. We could all write our own music and use it whenever and wherever we want, but how many of as have that kind of time?

I personally chose to open a YouTube and when I found out that Vimeo didn’t care what kind of music you use, I opened one of those, too.

The differences are stark: YouTube is pretty unlimited in how many videos you can upload and is free; Vimeo’s free account only allows one upload per week. You can open a pay account with Vimeo and get unlimited uploads, but today I’m glad I haven’t.

Mac vs PC: Here’s another one of those quandary’s I find myself in: I have an old Dell desk top and because of all of the hype on Apple, when it was time to get a new desk top we purchased an iMac. I really love it’s ease of use and iMovie is really cool. I wasn’t a hater of Windows Movie Maker, though, and so I am fine with that, too. The problem is this: Vimeo works great on my Dell, but has problems on my iMac, and my iPhone for that matter. YouTube works on all devices.

Why is that? Apple just came out with it’s new iOS 7 and I really love the changes. Supposedly, Vimeo worked out the kinks with the system and their app and made this super great way to play and upload videos from your Apple mobile device onto Vimeo. The problem is this: since installing the new iOS and Vimeo App I haven’t been able to play Vimeo videos on my phone. Not any in my feed, and not any of mine.

Last week I made a short blog about my two surf trips, one on YouTube and the other on Vimeo. The YouTube embedding is still better than the Vimeo embedding and I’m not sure Vimeo will even work. What I like about embedding instead of attaching a link is you can see the video in my blog, vs a “click here” feature.

Another disappointment with Vimeo is I Tweeted my unhappiness and though they answered me back with a contact, that contact, (tech support) isn’t very easy to get to from my account page. My question doesn’t appear in the FAQ and I can’t get past that stupid page. Of course, I haven’t had the time to look for it, either, but seriously, the internet was supposed to make things easier and if a company can’t make it easier, why use them?

Is it because I have the free account they don’t want to help me?

Anyway, this was just to air out my complaints on some of the things I am dealing with on my end of the spectrum. The next computer I buy will be a pc, again, and I guess I just need to pick songs to upload to YouTube that won’t cause problems because I’m not using Vimeo for awhile.

Anyway, I’d love to hear from you on your likes and dislikes of any of the systems out there.

Take care and God bless,

Surfer Yoda




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