San-O-No-Fre, Here We Come

29 09 2013

In my 32 years of surfing I’ve never surfed San Onofre. I’ve surfed Trestles, which is basically along the same coastline from San Clemente south to Camp Pendleton, but I’ve never surfed “Old Mans”, or any of the other spots south of Uppers. Yesterday all of that changed.

Spock had invited the crew to meet up with him at San Onofre State Beach Campground. He and a co-worker, Sean (or Shaun, or Shawn; no real nickname, yet) were camping for the whole weekend and it happened to be on a weekend that we were to meet up. So the plan was for myself, Rip Van Ronnie, and Uncle Chris to meet at the Revs and carpool down, while Baby Gorilla headed there from his waayyy inland neck of the woods. Anyone else was welcome, but they had to find their own way there as our vehicle was full.

The morning started out a little rough as RVR missed his opportunity to make it on time due to a serious accident at an intersection that blocked his ability to catch up to us in a timely manner. If he had followed my directions carefully none of that would have happened. So we left, just the three of us without RVR. I drove Uncle Chris’ truck.

On the 5 south in Burbank, we ran into another emergency situation where we had to slow down, but it didn’t block traffic and we were on our way. Then down the 5 a little bit later in Downey all lanes were closed. There we sat for 30 minutes trying to listen to the radio, wondering why the stupid Sig Alert App on my phone showed green freeway in front of me when all lanes were blocked (should have shown red lanes)

We managed to work our way over and get off the freeway to work our way past that accident and back on Interstate 5 south.

Our plan was to be at the campsite at 6 am, but now we were behind. No matter.

We got to our destination and Baby Gorilla was already there suited up and ready to go. We all suited up, headed down this crazy path to the beach, and the rest it history.

Anyway, we were in the warm San O water by 7 am and surfed till about 8:30. It was literally all we could handle. The waves weren’t perfect by any stretch, but they were perfect for us to enjoy and have so much fun surfing. All of our waves were long and it was probably knee to almost chest high. Long paddles back out after catching waves. Lots of waves caught. Just an all around super fun morning.

When it was all over we walked back up that treacherous trail, legs burning by the top, and showered off. Spock had brought the ingredients to make us all breakfast burritos and I’m telling you, as much as I love Lilly’s nothing ever beats homemade. Egg White and Chorizo with Refried Beans, plus all the accessories wrapped in a 12 inch tortilla made for a great breakfast.

As we headed out for our long trek home we came to the realization that we now have a new surf spot on our places to consider. I’d surf there again, easily. Super stoked about that spot, and it wasn’t crowded (this day, anyway).

Take care and God bless.

Surfer Yoda